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Advisory Board

Our firm is supported by an experienced, high-caliber, and independent group of business professionals who provide MFS Capital Advisors strategic guidance on industry trends, company evaluation, business operations, and organizational matters. 


Donald F. Farley

Farley & Associates



As president of Farley & Associates, Mr. Farley provides strategic planning, business development direction, and executive mentoring services for private and emerging new businesses. From 1998 to 2009, Mr. Farley was CEO of Spencer Trask Specialty Group where he organized and monitored a portfolio of emerging startup companies in health care, nutrition, and specialty chemicals. He began his career in manufacturing with the Pfizer Chemical Division and progressed through several managerial positions to eventual leadership as president of the Pfizer Specialty Chemicals Group. Mr. Farley led the redirection and transformation of this global business from specialty chemicals into specialty food ingredients and related technical services, resulting in its transition to a new identity as the Pfizer Food Science Group. Subsequent to the divestiture of food science in 1995, Mr. Farley served as President of the Pfizer Consumer Health Care Group, a global over-the-counter drug business. 



Robert Bardunias



As a dynamic executive with a background in marketing, business/corporate development, and project management, Mr. Bardunias has experience in consulting within many industries with a strong record of performance and innovation. Currently, he serves as COO of GetSwift, a worldwide leader in delivery management automation. Prior to his tenure at GetSwift, Mr. Bardunias co-founded IRIS.TV, a leading video recommendation engine. Mr. Bardunias also served as Managing Director at MGID, Inc., the world's largest audience development platform, working with over 17,000 quality publishers globally, generating over 150 million visitors per month. His specialties include innovation, digital strategy, leadership, digital media, global expansion, and emerging technology.

Roland J. Bopp

Mr. Bopp has broad senior global corporate and operating experience in premier telecom, software, automotive, mechanical engineering, and technology service organizations.


During his tenure as Chairman, President & CEO of the Americas for Deutsche Telekom Inc., subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom, Germany, Mr. Bopp was responsible for all Deutsche Telekom activities in North and South America, including the alliance with France Telecom and Sprint. Prior to joining Deutsche Telekom, Inc, Mr. Bopp was Managing Director of Mannesmann, a $20 billion telecommunication and engineering company operating worldwide where he played an instrumental role in developing the company`s mobile cellular business strategy for Europe.


Besides being a member of several European/American organizations such as the European CEO Round Table in North America, Mr. Bopp serves as a board member or managing director at several private equity funds with major assets in the area of telecommunication/software, financial services and technology primarily located in Europe.

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