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Strategic Advisory & Consulting

MFS Capital Advisors offers on-going management services and strategy development to ensure our clients maintain their focus and meet their growth objectives. 


Prior to raising capital or starting an M&A process, companies often need to engage in mid to long-term planning activities to be able to fully capitalize on growth and exit opportunities. Based on our experience, management teams in the lower middle market are often focused on day-to-day activities and lack the resources to devote the appropriate level of time to this type of planning.

Drawing upon the broad experience and skill set of our team, MFS works closely with clients to develop sophisticated business, strategic, and financial plans, preparing business owners to better take advantage of opportunities in the private markets.

Our solutions address complex issues that occur infrequently in a company’s lifecycle and outsourcing these services on an “as needed” basis is often a cost-effective way to address a wide range of tasks in a timely fashion.


Services may include:


  • Interim management assistance (i.e., CEO, COO, CFO, Corporate Development, CMO, Controller, CIO, Board of Director roles)

  • Executive management recruitment and assessment

  • Analysis of business metrics, financial performance, and capital structure

  • Review of financial budgeting and reporting processes, policies, and systems

  • Development of detailed dynamic operating models

  • Forecasting and budgeting

  • Assessment of optimal positioning to maximize value

  • Business plan development

  • Sales, marketing, and brand development

  • Competitive intelligence research

  • Project-specific financial analysis

  • Progress tracking toward achievement of financial objectives



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