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Referral Program

Referral Program

Become an MFS Capital Advisors referral partner. This is our boots-on-the-ground program helping us scope out businesses anywhere from $2-10 Million in EBITDA looking to sell their family-owned business or raise capital. MFS will pay a ''Lehman scale'' for referrals that provide substantive introductions that result in a closed transaction. It works like the following six easy steps:

Identify and refer a business in line with MFS's investment criteria.


Our team leans in to review the business.


When the deal materializes, you receive anywhere from $5000 to $80 000 based on the deal size. 



Share the high-level business profile with us via our submission form.


If we deem the business a good fit with our strategy, you introduce us via email and ensure a response from the founder.


Celebrate your first successful close as an MFS referral partner!

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Frequently Asked Questions 

View the frequently asked questions by clients and intermediaries below.

  • Why do I need an investment bank to sell my company?
    Selling your company could be one of your life's most important and stressful moments. We streamline a complicated process into a simple one. Clients love using our services because we are seasoned bankers that have your back throughout the process. MFS Capital Advisors goes the extra mile for the clients, actively looking out for the best interest of our clients. Other reasons for hiring MFS are: - Managing the M&A process and strategy - Structuring the transaction - Educating and coaching the owner - Negotiating the transaction - Enabling management to focus on running the company - Relationships with investors - Adding credibility to the seller MFS offers experience and recourses to help you come to a successful close.
  • How do I know that MFS can help me sell my company?
    We have a large network of investors looking to acquire companies and deploy capital. Mergers and acquisitions are one of the most important services that MFS offers. Some general roles and responsibilities in M&A include: - Market and sell companies - Find potential investment opportunities - Negotiate deals with businesses and investors - Recommend the best terms and timing for an acquisition - Market debt or equity issuance to investors MFS Capital Advisors has been successful in transactions in the Lower Middle Market; for more information, see the ''Transactions'' page. Get in touch with us for a free consultation so MFS can learn more about your business and a potential sale.
  • Do I need to prepare my business for sale, or can I put it on the market now without advance preparation?
    Maximize Your Business Value with MFS Capital Advisors' Pre-Sale Preparation Package At MFS Capital Advisors, we understand that selling a business is a critical and life-changing decision for business owners. Preparing your business for sale well in advance is crucial to ensure a seamless and successful transaction. Our team of experienced investment bankers specializes in guiding lower and middle-market business owners through the process. We proudly offer a comprehensive Pre-Sale Preparation Package to help you maximize your business value and achieve the best possible outcome. Why Prepare Your Business for Sale Ahead of Time: Maximize Business Value: Early preparation allows you to identify areas of improvement, optimize operations, and enhance financial performance, ultimately leading to a higher business valuation and better offers from potential buyers. Attract High-Quality Buyers: A well-prepared business with organized financials and a solid growth strategy is more likely to attract the attention of serious, high-quality buyers who are willing to pay a premium for your business. Expedite the Sales Process: By addressing potential issues and streamlining your business operations beforehand, you will significantly reduce the time it takes to close a deal, saving you time, stress, and money. Improve Negotiating Power: When you are well-prepared, you better understand your business's strengths and weaknesses, which can be leveraged during negotiations to secure the best possible deal terms. Our Pre-Sale Preparation Package: MFS Capital Advisors offers a tailored Pre-Sale Preparation Package designed to help you achieve the highest possible value for your business. Our package includes: Business Valuation: Our experienced team will thoroughly analyze your business to determine its fair market value, highlighting areas for improvement and potential value drivers. Financial Review & Clean-Up: We will help you organize and streamline your financial records, ensuring accuracy, consistency, and transparency for potential buyers. Operational Assessment: Our experts will analyze your business operations and provide recommendations for optimizing efficiency and profitability. Growth Strategy Development: We will work with you to develop a strategic growth plan that showcases your business's potential and attracts the right buyers. Marketing Collateral Preparation: Our team will create a professional and engaging Confidential Information Memorandum (CIM) to present your business to prospective buyers in the best possible light. Pre-Sale Due Diligence: We will help you address any potential issues that may arise during the sale process, minimizing surprises and reducing the risk of a deal falling through. By choosing MFS Capital Advisors' Pre-Sale Preparation Package, you can rest assured that your business will be well-positioned for a successful sale. Our dedicated team of investment bankers will be with you every step of the way, providing expert guidance and support to ensure you achieve the best possible outcome. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you prepare your business for sale and maximize its value.
  • What does the process of selling my company look like?
    The MFS M&A process in broad steps looks as follows: MFS onboarding Preparing to go to market Going to market Negotiations Due diligence Closing
  • How long does it take to sell a business?
    Depending on the size, region, financing, industry, management, due diligence, and attractiveness of the eventual purchaser, on average it can take anywhere between 6 and 12 months. Please note that some transactions might be shorter or longer based on our clients' needs. MFS is here to help seamlessly guide this process at every step of the process.
  • Too whom will my company be sold? Will it still be in good hands?
    We are deeply committed to finding the right buyer for you. Whether that's a financial or a strategic, we only match your company with a buyer that fits your business ethos and will do right by the existing employees. In our experience, finding a cultural fit between both parties is an absolute must in making sure the pre-and-post transaction is successful. MFS always strives to create a win-win situation, so you can be sure the company you built will be in good hands.
  • Can MFS help me raise capital for my business needs?
    Yes, we have a large network of investors that is looking to deploy capital through equity and debt with the right partner. We understand how important additional capital can be to fuel growth or bridge a temporary gap in your budget.
  • Someone I know is considering selling their business; can MFS help?
    Yes, selling businesses is our bread and butter; become an MFS Referral Partner! By filling out our referral programs questions, we learn more about your contacts' business. We will closely examine the information you send us and will be in touch with you shortly. Don't forget; you can celebrate the referral success fee when the transaction is complete!
  • What kind of advisory work does MFS offer, can you give me some examples?
    MFS advisors work hand-in-hand with companies to proactively identify the organization's opportunities or problems before they occur and then strategize with the CEO or other C-suite executives to develop the right roadmap for achieving success. Consulting and advisory services include: - Quality of Earning report (QoE) - Valuation reports - Performance measurement - Building case studies - Problem identification and analysis - Financial modeling and analysis - Investor deck & pitch deck creation - M&A preparation Please get in touch with MFS for more information on our advisory services.
  • Why is MFS in the Lower and Middle market?
    There are a two main reasons MFS is in the Lower Middle market: 1. Your company deserves the best possible representation. Big investment banks don't play in this segment of the market, and smaller broker-dealers don't fully service clients. You can count on MFS's expertise to meet every need of your business. 2. We believe that our work is immensely relationship driven on both the client and investor side. That's where MFS accelerates, and the strength of our core business lies. Our network in the Lower-and Middle market is unmatched.

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